My Car File

Never lose a file again – protecting and enhancing the value of your pride and joy.

Provenance is a key factor in the desirability and value of any vehicle.  According to a survey by Trade Classics, buyers rank a bulging history file in their top three considerations when deciding to purchase a classic or performance car.

And yet there’s no way to easily protect, organise, and transfer the history of a car.  Paper gets lost and damaged. PDFs are unwieldy.  So many people don’t bother, and many more just keep throwing paper at the File Monster in the corner of their study or garage, telling themselves that “one day I’ll sort this mess out”.  

Well, we’ve solved that problem.

My Car File lets you upload your files and photos to the cloud with our simple, user-friendly experience to record your mileage, service history, and spending history.  You can then explore and share these using our simple, accessible charts and tables.  

Features and Benefits


My Car File will organise your automotive life – no more missing, lost, or damaged paperwork! Instead all documentation and photographs are stored securely in the cloud for you to access and explore anywhere, anytime.

  • Add all the cars you own to your personal garage.
  • Scan and assign paperwork and photos to your car in seconds.
  • Store and take all your car travel documents with you whilst abroad.
  • See cool graphs of mileage over time and spend over time and by category.
  • Securely share and transfer individual files or whole cars to help you sell, insure, or just show off your car!
  • Safely receive files on cars you’re looking at buying.

Start Storing

Begin filling your online garage using our number plate registration tool. Take a photo of your car and begin to upload through the following categories:

  • V5c Document
  • Previous MOTs
  • Service History Book
  • Maintenance Bills
  • Insurance Policy
  • Vehicle Photos

Either upload PDF files from a phone or use our camera that will intelligently crop the document for you to keep them all tidy.

Key Benefits:

  • It’s easy.  Our app guides you smoothly through the simple processes.
  • It’s safe.  Your details are secure, and you can safely send and receive files within our ecosystem, without the risk of viruses.
  • Everything in one place – store all of your car documents in the cloud: MOTs, invoices, service history, and more.
  • Graph view – as you upload your mileage and bills you will start to see your car’s history presented in our great graphs and charts.
  • Share files – whoever you need to show, at home or abroad, you can share files with other users as many times as you like. Files can be redacted and watermarked for extra security.
  • Transfer cars – is your car going to a new owner? Well you can easily send your car to their garage safely and securely.
  • Unlimited cars in your garage –  store ALL of your cars online and keep track of every detail.

History is Money

A car is only as good as its history. The more documents you can store on My Car File, the more you maintain and improve the value of your car. Providing the mileage and maintenance spend on the car in an easily accessible format will prove invaluable when selling your car or renewing your insurance.

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